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Husband, father, Mac, geek, Clevelander, veteran, anti-fascist, peanut butter fan, runner & designer of things. #designsystems #blacklivesmatter #vaccinated


  • Art

A very, merry 18 years of marriage. – Made on an iPad


  • Art

Selfie @procreate

Ben Day

  • Life

This is one of my all time favorite videos created for a paper company. I still reference to this day. “Ben Day” Potlatch Paper—Short Film… Read itBen Day


  • Art

Bridge town. (at Tremont, Cleveland)

Untitled digital art

  • Art

“New age” painting. Man I am happy technology has caught to allow me to escape back into my happy place.

Unified UX

  • UX

Unified UX by Cameron Moll—An Event Apart video from An Event Apart on Vimeo. With multi-screen use progressively increasing among web users, creating a unified… Read itUnified UX


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