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Today is the day. That day being my birthday, but not just any ordinary birthday. No, this one carries a certain significance, it is my fiftieth trip around this sun. Fifty. 50!!! I can’t believe I have reached this ”special” milestone, if you will. This is the age when growing up that it was an old person’s birthday, not me. Can’t believe that now, this is me. I am 50 years old. So it goes. This is the way.

To mark (pun really not intended here) the occasion, here are some photos over these fifty years of mine including some questionable hair styles (head and face), always changing glasses, a marriage (22 years this year), two dogs, two kids, running a full marathon, retinal detachment surgery in each eye, incredible peanut butter treats and finally a visit to the hospital where my story begins. Oh and I like beer and other adult beverages too.