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My Apple EarPods have a new friend, Earhoox

  • Tech

A year ago I wrote about a little product called Earhoox that wrapped around earbuds then “hook” into your ear to keep them from falling out. While that set worked amazingly well with the original earbuds from Apple they no longer fit Apple’s EarPods until now. I was a huge fan of the originals and went without anything on my EarPods. While Apple’s EarPods do stay in the ear better than the originals, but when you add running and some sweat they soon come loose during said activity. It’s annoying to be constantly reaching to your ears to keep your earbuds firmly seated in your ears and distracting nonetheless. I received the new EarPod version recently and used them in my latest race (20 Mile Drop–story comings soon) and let me just say they passed with flying colors. The race was windy and, surprisingly, really warm and let me just say that the Earhoox kept my EarPods in place without any discomfort for all 20 miles of the warm long race. I highly recommend getting these amazing add-ons instead of shelling out hundreds of dollars on earbuds that may not work. Small investment for incredible results.

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