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As the year 2013 comes to a close and we enter 2014 I’d like to reflect on moments from throughout the year.

Last year I entered my forties ceremoniously, but this year turning forty-one was very low key which is just fine by me.

I continued running all through the year including seven races. Kicked it off with Cleveland Running Company’s New Years Day Prediction Run, 4 miles in distance (their 1st annual). I plan on running it again this year. A snowstorm is expected to hit tomorrow which will make for an interesting run time prediction, but I digress. February I took part in the Chili Bowl 5k which I recored my best 5k time since I was a teenager! I typically don’t run 5k races, but it was for fire fighters so it was worth it. In March I took part in the St. Malachi 5 miler. I ran it colorfully, so to speak, by running in a kilt! Yes it was a cold, slushy and wet day, but it was extremely fun. I plan on repeating these two races in 2014. I then took some time off to work on running a 25k (15.56 miles) in May in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Great challenging distance and hope to run that one again. After a few months off to heal from some odd calf strain in August it was the Perfect 10 Miler though South Euclid. This was my second time running this pretty decent event and again the weather was perfect. I was only off just over a minute from my prior year’s effort, but still managed to finish in the some place as 2012’s race. October brought Cleveland the first Rock n Roll Series to the home of Rock and Roll. While I loved the course and how well organized the event was, just days before the race we said goodbye to our beloved Mac. I was emotionally drained and really was not in any position to race, but I did anyway. The temperatures and humidity were insane for the day which made matters worse. It was the worst run I have ever experienced, but I continue on. I plan running this again in 2014. Finally, in December I took part in the awesome A Christmas Story House 10k which I will be participating yearly for now on. As long as I can run I will. Even in the snow. I’m a cold weather runner and this is my favorite time of the year to run.

February saw my 1st anniversary at Medical Mutual as a designer. I continue to grow there professionally and enjoy opportunities it brings. Great things on the horizon in 2014 for my career. Stay tuned.

In July, Kate and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary. My oh my how time flies by. Still seems like yesterday. I miss Salt Spring Island more and more as the years go by since we last visited in 2005. Hoping we can return back to the wonderful island soon.

Back to Mac. I’m still adjusting and still thinking about him. I’m tearing up at this moment. It’s going to take time. I miss him.

So good-bye 2013. While you had many great times and experiences I look forward to 2014. I’m an even number year kind of guy anyway.