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I’m a, self admitted, tech junky. To be more accurate an Apple tech junky. I had the first iPod back in 2001 and then in 2007 I had the first iPhone. So coming up later in 2013 I have had many white corded Apple designed earbuds including the recent redesigned version for iPhone 5, Earpods. I haven’t just stuck with Apple’s earbuds either. I’ve bought, as my wife can attest, numerous ones over the years. Since I’ve gotten back to running I’ve looked for the perfect running earbud. Apple’s default model just don’t fit right constantly falling out plus they are not the greatest in audio quality. While for safety when running you still want to have some surrounding ambience filter in, but I think you can have the best of both worlds. The Apple Earpods are very well designed with pretty good audio quality and while they are better for running they still are not completely perfect. I’m also concerned about ruining decent earbuds and typically use an old pair when I go out for a run. Sweat can easily destroy them let me tell you. I ran the Flying Pig Marathon with decent earbuds which with the rain and sweat shorted out halfway through the race.

That’s where a simple “why didn’t I think of this before” adapter comes into my life. Earhoox. These are the simplest silicon adapter that “hooks” attaches to the earbud and then “hooks” right into your ear. It’s brilliant. It’s stupidly simple and magical. I’ve been running with them a lot lately and they are absolutely incredible. No slipping even when I’ve been in humid running conditions and sweating profusely. No hand reaching up to push back into ear. It works!

If you’re like me and have lots of earbuds laying around. Take a look at Earhoox or you can find them on Twitter (@earhoox) and Facebook.

*Disclaimer. I received a free pair in a giveaway from from Earhoox, but it was not required or requested that I create a post to talk about them. I stand by why I say regardless of receiving them as a gift.