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Ben Day

  • Life

This is one of my all time favorite videos created for a paper company. I still reference to this day. “Ben Day” Potlatch Paper—Short Film… Read itBen Day


  • Art

Bridge town. (at Tremont, Cleveland)

Untitled digital art

  • Art

“New age” painting. Man I am happy technology has caught to allow me to escape back into my happy place.

Unified UX

  • UX

Unified UX by Cameron Moll—An Event Apart video from An Event Apart on Vimeo. With multi-screen use progressively increasing among web users, creating a unified… Read itUnified UX


  • Life

A very Happy 15th Anniversary to my love, my rock, my lobster. On this day fifteen years ago we said I do on the beautiful… Read it15

Version Two

  • Tech

April 2015 will see the release of the Watch and certainly I am excited about it. I am a life long Apple geek, which my… Read itVersion Two

The King is back

  • Life

parislemon: surgeeeoh: LeBron returns to Cleveland Boom. Games are going to be fun again in Cleveland.


Since moving to Cleveland one thing I’ve discovered is that it has one of the most incredible culinary scenes that can match, and in some… Read itTrentina