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When pigs fly

  • Running

After running my first half marathon last month at the Cleveland Fall Classic I figured I’d take it easy through winter. There’s no need to push hard since my original plan was to finally run a full marathon in 2012. Boy has that all changed quickly!

I recently started receiving Runner’s World magazine and the January 2011 edition has an article listing the “first timer” marathon favorites. To my surprise Cincinnati’s Flying Pig Marathon is listed as one of the top ten marathons for beginners. I kept going back to the page thinking about it more and more. It dawned on me that Kate has lots of relatives in the Cincy area and what better way to have a family gathering that didn’t involve a funeral or wedding than a marathon? That was that. I committed to running a full marathon a year earlier than planned.

I notified family and now on May 1st I will be torturing my feet and body for the greater good of bringing lots of extended family together in The Queen City. Training starts now. I sure hope I know what I’m getting myself into. No backing out now. I am officially registered to be one of the 16 thousand plus runners.

Stay tuned.