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Version Two

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April 2015 will see the release of the Watch and certainly I am excited about it. I am a life long Apple geek, which my wife will quickly attest to, and usually an early adopter of Apple’s latest and greatest consumer devices. I did have the first iPod which started Apple’s run of insanely great devices and a sign of things to come. After that I had two iPod minis, which I bought refurbished to save some money, which one of them just finally reached the end of its life. I have a fourth generation iPod (also known as the video iPod) bought at the time we bought an iMac with the first Intel chips I believe in 2006 and I still have that iPod in a drawer somewhere. It actually was borrowed by my in-laws for a time so they could listen to audio books. I also have an iPod nano, the one that you can use as a “watch” that you can clip to a strap. I do have a strap for it for the record. I use that mainly for my treadmill runs and is still quite useful for that purpose alone. I had the first iPhone in 2007. While I didn’t get the iPhone during the summer rollout my timing was impecable in that Apple offered refurbished models, if I recall, that September. Then when I purchased mine the day I was to recieve it Apple announced a price drop. Even though I purchased a refurb the cost was still $400 making mine now more expensive than if I went into a store to buy one. I called Apple about this and they refunded $250 making my cost only $150 for the first iPhone. I used that up until the 3GS came out. From there I’ve had the 4S and now the 5S. With the 4S I was trying to stretch out till the 6 model came out this year, but it just didn’t work out that way. I ended up getting the 5S since battery and other issues were taking its toll on a phone that was almost 3 years old at that time. Next year I’ll try again to wait till Fall for the new release. I am an Apple early adopter.

Then 2010 saw the announcement of the iPad. I wanted it, but the wife was skeptical. We waited. Then in 2011 the iPad 2 was announced. I talked the wife into it. I went to the Apple Store and waited in super long line on a cold March day. Apple even brought out coffee and hot chocolate for those waiting. I’m glad I waited for the second iPad because Apple really had the second model in mind when they set out to build a tablet device. It was such a refined device from the first iPad that Apple until recently was selling the iPad 2. Quite telling how well the second version of the iPad was. This is the reason why I think the seond version of the Apple Watch will be just like that iPad 2. It will be what they had in mind when they started Apple Watch all along. It will be more refined, better battery life (I’m sure) and possibly more features. The first iPad didn’t have a Facetime front-facing camera! While I am ansty and want the Apple Watch I think this just makes more sense in the long run. I look forward to Apple’s next release of the Apple Watch.