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Cord Cutting 2.0

  • Life

So we decided to cut the cord again. Last year at&t, yeah that at&t, sent an offer of a couple of gift cards and a discount for a year if we signed up for U-Verse. I thought what the heck. I really like U-Verse a lot and have nothing but great service in the seven years I’ve had it, but just the same as last time I found that we hardly ever watched any of it anymore. That’s a lot of content we are paying for that we don’t use. A few months ago Dish Network came out with a pseudo a la carte TV package catering to the growing cord cutting population called Sling which simply works through the Roku, iOS, Android and Mac/PCs. I think it is a super smart move, but it remains to be seen if they can keep the prices low or competitive with cable. Sling is offering all the great channels like AMC, ESPN and HGTV all in their base $20 per month package with additional add-ons for $5 a month that have more sports or more children’s focused content. So I am taking advantage of their FREE 7 day trial. I’ll review it once the trial is up and whether I decide to keep it or not.